Testimonial – John Maedel

"On behalf of the Nipigon Fire Department we would like to thank everyone at Northern 911. Our area is so complex with Hwy 11 and 17 and also the split area with Red Rock Fire Department on those highways and including Dorion, Hurkett Fire Departments. The work that you have done on locating the off [...]

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Testimonial – Police Dispatcher

"Northern911 is by far my favourite monitoring station to deal with both personally and professionally. Over the years, as a police dispatcher, I have dealt with numerous monitoring stations and Northern911 has proven to be superior. They answer the phone quickly and you can count on them to actually call you back if there is [...]

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Testimonial – Brandon B

"This company monitors our home alarm. Just as a test, I tripped an alarm and started the stopwatch on my phone. 34 seconds later, the house phone was Ringing. wow. It couldn't be any better. Fast response, and the the dispatcher was very pleasant and professional. Awesome job Northern911."

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Testimonial – Chief Don Kruger

"Soon after I joined the South Algonquin Fire Department our dispatch company let me know that they would no longer be dispatching ours or any Fire Service because they did not wish to upgrade their system. Northern911 was suggested as a replacement. They were very quick to return my inquiries and begin the onboarding setup, [...]

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Testimonial Ted G.

“As the primary person that deals with your staff, I cannot say enough about their attention to detail and amazing support, so it’s not hard recommending you to other Dealers. I also have several friends being Monitored at Northern and without question, any dealings they have had with your staff, I hear about it right [...]

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Testimonial – Helpline – Bob M.

“My mother had some trouble with falling down in the past,” said Bob M, who now lives in British Columbia. “With this system, we know that she’s alone, but she’s not alone. She’s being monitored 24/7. If anything does happen, Helpline can take action right away. That’s really comforting for us to know that she’s [...]

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Testimonial Medic Alert

"This alarm system is not only to keep out burglars, but it saved my husband's life.  When my husband had a heart attack, I activated the alarm system for the ambulance and then called 911.  To my surprise, when I contacted 911 myself over the phone, an ambulance had already been dispatched by the monitoring [...]

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Testimonial Primus Telecommunications 2

"We look forward to a continued relationship and would enthusiastically recommend Northern911 to our friends and colleagues in the industry.  Thank you for caring for our customers."

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Testimonial Primus Telecommunications

“You conduct yourselves in an efficient and professional manner as evidenced by the honest call reviews and incident reports to date, and your sincerity is noticeable in all interactions with our various Primus teams.  In short, Northern Communications is large enough to handle the demands of a fast paced industry, but small enough to quickly [...]

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Testimonial County of Haliburton

"In the three years that your company has handled our 9-1-1 calls, we have yet to have an incident that has caused the County to question to choose your company for the provision of this critical service.  Your comprehensive emergency backup planning gives us the assurance that you will be there for our residents when [...]

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