With the Northern911 Central Station your customers are always connected. Our ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) Listed facility is Five Diamond Certified by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA). Backed by trained and experienced staff, progressive technology and a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan you can be certain that we are equipped to support you and your clients.

We provide a wide variety of monitoring services to many alarm dealers, both large and small, offering security and other services where 24-hour monitoring is required. Our fully trained and certified operators are qualified to handle the diverse array of services offered by Northern911 ensuring experience and measured judgement in handling a wide variety of circumstances. We are staffed with bilingual (French/English) Operators 24/7/365 and through a translation service we have access for over 170+ languages.

With more than 60 years of experience Northern911 has the foundation to deliver innovative, high quality, customized services. The manner of your alarm response can be fully customized to meet your needs. Our billing system can be tooled to your preferences. In some cases, we invoice the client at retail, process taxes, collections, automated payment options etc. and issue a cheque to the alarm company monthly. In other cases, we simply invoice the alarm company at wholesale and they invoice their clients directly. It’s your alarm company, you choose!

  • We handle a multitude of PSTN formats, deal with most cellular communication companies, process IP alarms, provide two-way voice, and more.
  • We have an ongoing quality control process to confirm that our staff are handling your calls and events accurately.
  • We have toll free services for the receiver, the voice lines, even the fax machine.
  • We offer a variety of reporting options and most dealers at a minimum receive an e-mail of all “actionable” events for the last 24 hours every morning. This allows them to be proactive and contact their clients and offer service, training etc.
  • We are ULC (Under Writer’s Laboratories of Canada) listed and inspected on an annual basis for compliance with their regulations.
  • Our Disaster Recovery Plan ensures continuity of coverage in the event of a disaster. Disaster planning is part of our culture and we analyze ways to serve our clients better on a regular basis.

Why staff your own monitoring station or struggle with other wholesale monitoring stations who are not customer service driven to handle your security system calls? Let us do it for you in a cost effective and reliable fashion. Your data will remain private and your clients will be treated with the highest level of customer service. With 365/7/24 staffing of CSAA Certified professionals your customers and technicians are a call away from unparalleled support.