Redundancy and resiliency are a part of 9-1-1. As part of a COOP (Continuation of Operations Plan) PSAPs anticipate for unplanned events.

Northern911 can help with those unplanned events.

The NENA Knowledge Base defines the following:

Alternate Routing

Alternate Routing is the capability of routing 9-1-1 calls to a designated alternate location(s) if all 9-1-1 trunks are busy or out of service. May be activated upon request or automatically, if detectable, when 9-1-1 equipment fails or the PSAP itself is disabled.

Default Routing

Default Routing is the capability to route a 9‑1‑1 call to a designated (default) PSAP when the incoming 9‑1‑1 call cannot be selectively routed due to an ANI failure or other cause.

Default Route

The routing condition that occurs when a 9‑1‑1 call arrives at a switching or routing point with insufficient data to allow normal routing to the correct PSAP.


At times PSAPs can experience issues that utilize alternate routing to acquire assistance from another PSAP.
As a Primary and Secondary PSAP Northern911 is equipped to aid other PSAPs;

  • Back up for a Primary PSAP to take calls in case of an emergency at the Primary PSAP resulting in the calls being unable to be answered at the primary site.
  • Back up for Secondary Fire PSAP to take calls when the Fire department has been dispatched or requires back up services for equipment or facility issues.
  • Higher than anticipated call volume.
    • NG9-1-1 will require PSAPs to establish policy routing rules for their inbound call volume.  Calls exceeding a specified number can be routed to Northern911 as the Primary PSAP.
    • In cases of excessive calls Northern911 could take ALL Primary PSAP calls to free up agents/dispatchers to be able to handle police only calls.  Northern911 would answer the Primary PSAP calls and transfer the emergency calls to the appropriate agency for the emergency.

Default routed calls need specific attention as the call is not routed to the appropriate PSAP but needs to be taken care of. The address needs to be obtained from the caller and then transferred with a warm transfer to the appropriate PSAP for the location.


We partner with Carriers, Primary and Secondary PSAPs.

Northern911 provides back-up 911 services for many U.S. based carriers, VoIP service providers and VoIP Positioning Centres (VPC). Calls meant for 911 that otherwise cannot be routed directly are sent to Northern911. After determining the location of the incident, Northern911 transfers calls over primary trunks, if available, to the appropriate PSAP. Many U.S. clients have chosen to use Northern911’s services so that the calls can still be actioned.

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