Telematics, is broadly defined as the blending of computers and wireless telecommunications technologies. It is most commonly associated with vehicles which takes the form of integrating global positions satellite (GPS) tracking systems, voice recognition systems and automated vehicle diagnostics.

Northern911 partners with some of the world’s leading Auto manufacturers and third party providers of Vehicle Telematics equipment and specialty apps to provide 24/7/365 emergency dispatching for their systems. Our Emergency Response Centre (ERC) is the perfect home for companies who need an Emergency Response Center to respond to automatic collision notifications and manual initiated emergency calls. Our professionally trained and certified Emergency Response Specialists respond to the event and can conference the customer with the appropriate public-safety answering point (PSAP) anywhere in North America.

In addition to emergency services, Northern911 can initiate device location tracking requests on behalf of law enforcement in the appropriate dispatching area to potentially locate and recover stolen vehicles and endangered parties.

Why Northern 911?


Our APCO Certified Emergency Response Specialists deliver the highest quality caller experience available 24/7/365 with subscription services for over 170+ languages. Our team is qualified to handle the diverse array of services offered by Northern911 ensuring experience and measured judgement in handling emergency situations.


Northern911 has connections to PSAPs all over North America. No matter where your customer travels we can connect them with the appropriate PSAP in an emergency.

Roadside Assistance Program.

In conjunction with a partner, we can provide concierge service, roadside assistance, fast response time, unparalleled ETA accuracy, even a smartphone application to let the individual know when the tow truck will arrive.


Our system is built to meet and exceed 911 standards. Northern911 will make every effort to accommodate your platform to ensure a smooth transition to our Emergency Response Centre.


Our CSAA Five Diamond Certified Emergency Response Centre is a state of the art facility with multiple 911 trunks and redundant routing to answer your calls. At Northern911 we strive to never have a single point of failure.


At Northern911, integrity is indispensable to our mission. We act with honesty and adhere to the highest standards of values and principles through our every action and decision.