Northern911 offers fire dispatching and 9-1-1 dispatching services to NFPA 1061 compliant standards for clients across North America. Our team of highly trained and certified Emergency Response Specialists currently dispatch for dozens of Fire Departments, First Response Teams and Emergency Service Groups. Whether the departments are nearby, or for those over 1,000 kilometers away Northern911 has the coverage to respond to the call. Our 365/7/24 Emergency Response Centre (ERC) is staffed with professional fully trained operators capable of handling any fire related emergency.

Our Services

Our Emergency Response Centre works with fire departments in a number of ways:

  • Custom FIRE dispatch procedures using intelligent scripting.
  • Dispatching using any form of communications system requested: Mass text, direct dial and more.
  • Incident related dispatching procedures.
  • Coordination and scripting to accommodate Automatic Mutual Aid Agreements
  • Full dispatching service including Hydro, Gas, Oil, etc. disconnects.
  • Custom call configurations based on client needs.
  • In some scenarios, we are a secondary PSAP for Fire Dispatch
  • In other scenarios, we are the both the Primary PSAP and the Secondary PSAP Fire Dispatch
  • We provide a comprehensive report on each incident. Our reporting system allows for real time details of the call including access to call recordings.
  • On demand access to call logging, call details, call recording and stats are available through Web Portal access with a secure RSA token.

Please take a minute to think about how your emergency fire dispatching is handled today, and then give us a call to see how we might assist.

APCO Certified

In 2009, there was a meeting between the NFPA 1061 Technical Committee (TC) and APCO to discuss the NFPA 1061 document, the APCO P33 document, and to open the dialog between both organizations for the future of these documents. While NFPA 1061 describes individual competency/evaluation, APCO P33 compliments these requirements by defining training standards by which the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJO), hiring authority, or communication center manager would use to train those that work at a specific facility.

All of Northern911’s Public Safety Telecommunications Personnel are APCO certified. We are listed by Under Writer’s Laboratories of Canada (ULC) and our fully bilingual, 24/7/365 facility is inspected on an annual basis for compliance with their standards. Northern911 has a proven record for exceeding industry standards and always striving for more.

Fire Dispatch Application

As part of our Dispatch Service, we integrate with industry partners to offer enhanced features to our clients.

Northern911 integrates with the Fire Pro 2 management system. Incident details are automatically recorded in your incident module to record detailed information and maintain compliance. Reduce administrative time inputting incident information for emergency responses into FirePro2. Fight fires not paperwork.

Who’s Responding and I am Responding allow the Fire Department to know immediately who is responding to calls and dispatches, where they are responding from, and when they will be responding.  These applications also allow for a secondary means of reaching the fire department increasing service reliability.

Zello is an IP radio dispatch platform that allows our Emergency Response Specialists to provide real time 2-way radio to computer support to the frontline during incidents. All calls, whether or not they are supported by dispatch, are recorded for quality assurance, administrative, and investigative purposes.