Call Centers handle inbound calls from a large geographical area.

Could be an insurance company, a technical assistance line, a helpline of one kind or another, any type of Call Center. If during the course of handling a call it is determined that an emergency is occurring and 911 is required that can be problematic. When the Call Center agent calls 911 they will connect to the 911 Communication Center for their area due to the 911 infrastructure. If the caller is from another area, that is a problem.

Northern911 can help.

The Call Center agent connects to Northern911 and the Emergency Response Specialist at Northern911 will connect the caller to the 911 Emergency Communication Center in the area of the emergency, anywhere in the United States or Canada.

What can you do when you receive a call from someone who needs emergency help? How can you ensure that they receive the assistance of the police, fire or ambulance for their location? Northern911 partners with a variety of call centres, alarm monitoring companies and businesses to provide 24/7 emergency call transfer services across all of Canada and the United States.

When we receive a call from an agent/operator, we collect the address for the person in need and transfer the operator to the required agency (police, fire or ambulance) for the caller’s location. A warm transfer is performed, and all necessary details are relayed to the agency prior to releasing the line, allowing the operator and the agency to continue the call. Cold transfers with no call introduction are also an option if preferred.

In some cases, we receive a data packet with no operator involvement. We then contact the appropriate emergency agency and relay all available information so that they may dispatch or follow up according to their standard procedures.

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